“Beach to rock and back”

(Himare- Monastery ruin east - Himare fshat - Himare)

Starting from the center of Himare this circle-tour follows first some short asphalt road into the valley behind Himare. When the road changes into a 4×4 dirt track it crosses an often dried out riverbed, and starts to climb through curvy and increasingly rocky terrain towards the mountains. Along the track some old bunkers guard the valley, and who turns the head back gets rewarded with a combined view of the valley, Himare, the Ioninan sea and some greek islands. Once the highest point of this tour is reached, the biker finds the ruins of a church as well as a beautiful old house. After that the tour descends again on a 4×4 track all downhill with some stunning views of the sea and the village of Himare nestled on a hilltop. Once arrived in old Himare (worth a visit) it’s a straightforward and speedy asphalt finish down to modern Himare and the sea.

Total distance: 10461 m
Max elevation: 354 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 377 m

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