“Down to the coast and climbing back to Himara”

(Pilur - Kudhes – Qeparo – Pilur)

This round trip will bring you over all variations of terrain, from dirt to rocks to asphalt, and from mountains to sea and back again. Good fresh air always included! Starting from the village of Pilur the trail goes offroad and then on an old asphalt (so expect some bumps 😉 road to the village of Kudhes with its interesting sights. After that it gets wild over an old shepherds trail towards the village of upper Qeparo, so expect also some pushing sections. But the scenic view and peace of nature more than reward you for that. After the village of upper Qeparo – considered as one of the most beautiful in all Albania – a curvy road takes you down to sea and along the coast towards Himare. The final of this tour demands you again: Climbing up back to the starting point in Pilur with already some distance in your legs is rather sporty, but that’s what you want and it’s what makes you proud.

Total distance: 37998 m
Max elevation: 711 m
Min elevation: 8 m
Total climbing: 1521 m

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