“In the shadow of mount Cikës”


From the village of Vranisht this very diverse and relaxing tour brings you in a circle back to your starting point. Always above you lingers the majestic peak of Mount Cikes. The tour starts out of the village and first takes you over an old path – part 4×4 part foot-trail, including some rocky sections – to the village of Terbac, which clings to the slopes of the high mountains in its back. On the way the path lead you through wooded areas and via a bridge over a small canyon with deep-blue water, but now we follow the road from Terbac down to the main valley. There you soon pass a so called “Lapidari” located in a small park, one of the thousands of monuments erected in communist times all over the country, often in scenic locations. This one is actually one of the biggest in whole Albania. After the Lapidari the valleys main old asphalt road – in adventurous condition, just as we like it for biking – brings you back to Vranisht.

Total distance: 19356 m
Max elevation: 404 m
Min elevation: 221 m
Total climbing: 422 m

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