“In two days from the mountains hospitality to the easy going of the seaside”

(Vranisht - Terbac - Kallarat - Kuc(sleep) - Pilur - Kudhes - Qeparo – Himare)

From the mountain village of Kuc this full day tour takes you through a secluded mountain valley down to the Mediterranean sea and back again. You will lose altitude, and you will ride it back up again… Joy and performance the same day. From Kuc this 4×4 dirt track takes you through the small village of Corraj down to the village of Borsh on the seaside. Enjoy some fresh fish and get energy for your climb back up to Kuc! Once on the road back, which follows the other side of the valley you came down, you will soon encounter the old castle of Borsh strategically located on a hilltop. Worth a short visit, the road later takes you up through the village of Ftere midway in the valley and over some rather rocky sections back to Kuc. You made it, be proud and have a glass or two of local “Raki”!

Total distance: 39679 m
Max elevation: 642 m
Min elevation: 30 m
Total climbing: 1675 m

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