“Away from the hustle, and back in time”

(Himare - Pilur – Kuc - Corraj – Borsh – Himare)

This long day tour (or alternatively relaxed two day-tour) starts from the seaside town of Himare. After climbing to the mountain village of Pilur, a wild 4×4 road takes you into the valley behind the coastline mountains. Here in the Vlora-valley, also called valley “Shushice” after the river which flows through it, you find yourself in a world very diverse to the coastline. It’s a world of
tradition, of life rooted strongly in nature, and great hospitality.
If the tour is split into two days, for the night the village of Kuc is recommended, which offers various home-stays with local families. After Kuc a long rocky 4×4 downhill road takes you back to the coastline and the  village of Borsh with its olive groves. From there it’s a relaxing ride over a perfect modern asphalt all along the coast back to Himare.

Total distance: 58957 m
Max elevation: 725 m
Min elevation: 2 m
Total climbing: 2017 m

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